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Google PPC Management

Google PPC is one of the most effective ways to increase traffic to your website and eventually a dramatic increment in your sales figure.


You might have tried Google PPC earlier but do you know we can help you to save up to 25% of your total spending in various Pay per Click Programs especially in Google ads. It is a common perception among digital marketers that a good ad is which ranks top in Google search, however we do not think so. We know we can not only rank your website on the first page but we know how to save your spending in PPC programs. In an official Google ads guideline document Google asks to fulfill 11 major steps however a very few PPC Management people know and fulfill the guidelines properly and resulting in you pay for a very high bid to rank yourself in the first page of Google Search. And there is the catch.

It is utterly important to understand how any PPC program works especially the most effective Google PPC/ Google ads, also it is important to understand not all the products and services are the same and the ads will also be entirely different for each and every product and service. This is because every service and product has different targets, different age group, different geo locations and many other factors.

Here in Web Solutions Technology we study your entire website, your nature and real targets of your products and services, actual targets of your business and accordingly we prepare your ads. Web Solutions Technologies is a strong bridge between your products and Service, where we ensure an unstoppable flow of the desired website traffic towards your website or Mobile app.

The Major Google ads Goals include:

Website traffic


Calls for Your Service/Product


Product & brand Promotions

App promotions

Brand Awareness & reach

The campaign type defines where customers will be able to see your ads, but we make this further specific by targeting the ads.

So don’t think much and give us a call OR write an email to us right now to promote your business.