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With dedicated, experienced, professional team Web Solutions Technologies is one of the foremost technology companies.

With a team of professionals and well equipped with great experience we are passionate about the things we do.

About web solutions technologies


Web solutions technologies work with groups to transform them into successful and high performing organization.

WST understands the objective of creating a website, which ultimately is to enhance one’s business.

With great responsibility and sincerity, we keep this very fact in mind.


In today’s competitive world we understand the importance of going ahead from your competitors. In the online world various search engines become vital.

Today’s online world, search engines have become a very important medium.Today, through any search engine, any person finds your services or products.
That is why the role of search engines have become very important now. How do we make a rank in any search engine? In search engine optimization, we study and implement the same thing.

SEO and SMO are two ways to make your presence better on any search engine. 

We immensely focus on  both SEO and SMO and recommend it to everyone, who wants to obtain a comfortable position when someone searches.you online primarily in Google search engine.  

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service to help its clients in ranking at the top in different Search Engines..

Examples are Google, Bing , Yahoo,  MSN etc.,

We also provide photo and video editing services.

From the beginning to the end of any project, we ensure that not only a harmonious atmosphere is created between the client and us but, maintaining a good atmosphere among the team members.

WST believes in keeping the promise made to its customers.

We are always committed towards our promises to our clients.

We understand the requirements need to be fulfilled within a given time frame, with a cordial relationship with the clients and within the team members.


Although we pay full attention to the requirements of our customers, we remain equally committed to customer satisfaction as well. With a laser-sharp focus on technology, Web Solutions Technologies solves complex problems for its clients using new-generation technologies for :

Cloud, Mobility, E-commerce, Data Analytics, Social Collaboration, and enables enterprise-wide digital transformation.


With an approach of prototyping we work together with our clients to formulate and build next-generation solutions based on flexible platforms that we have developed.  

We integrate those solutions within our clients’ existing ecosystems to maximize technology investments already made.


As a services company, we know we have to earn our clients’ business every day and to keep them in the cutthroat completion.

We offer you services that comprise of multi-level management which emphases on-

Consulting, delivering End to End, Sustainable solutions within the least possible Turn-Around-Time (TAT). 

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